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Accreditation Committee

The Global Education Accrediting Commission (GEAC) is governed by a committee of experienced education professionals who oversee the accreditation process and ensure that GEAC is fulfilling its mission to promote and advance excellence in education.

The GEAC committee is responsible for setting accreditation standards and criteria, reviewing and approving accreditation applications, conducting accreditation evaluations, and making accreditation decisions. The committee is comprised of experts in various fields of education, including academic leaders, faculty members, and industry professionals.

The committee works closely with institutions throughout the accreditation process, providing guidance and support to help them achieve our high standards of excellence. The committee also oversees the accreditation process to ensure that it is fair, transparent, and rigorous.

In addition to its accreditation responsibilities, the GEAC committee is also responsible for setting policies and procedures, managing the budget, and overseeing the operations of the organization. The committee is accountable to GEAC's stakeholders, including institutions, students, parents, employers, and the broader community.

The GEAC committee is committed to promoting continuous improvement in education and to ensuring that institutions are accountable to their stakeholders. The committee is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in education and to promoting innovation and excellence in the field.

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