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Accreditation Decision

The GEAC accreditation decision is the final stage of the accreditation process. This is where the GEAC committee reviews the report and recommendation from the on-site evaluation team and makes a decision regarding accreditation.

During this stage, the GEAC committee will review all the materials submitted by the institution, including the self-study report, supporting documents, and the report and recommendation from the on-site evaluation team. The committee will also consider any feedback received during the public comment period.

The committee will then vote on the accreditation status of the institution, which can include full accreditation, provisional accreditation, or denial of accreditation. A decision is typically made within 60 days of the on-site evaluation.

Full accreditation is granted to institutions that have met all of the GEAC standards and are in good standing. Provisional accreditation may be granted to institutions that have met most of the standards, but require some improvement or follow-up action. Denial of accreditation may be given to institutions that have not met the required standards.

Once the decision has been made, the institution will be notified of the accreditation status. If the institution is granted accreditation, they will receive a certificate. If the institution is not granted accreditation, they will be provided with a report outlining the reasons for the decision and any recommended actions to improve their chances for future accreditation.

It is important to note that accreditation is an ongoing process, and accredited institutions are subject to regular reviews and evaluations to ensure that they continue to meet the GEAC standards.

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