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Teacher Certification

The GEAC's teacher certification program for practicing teachers is designed to provide ongoing professional development and support to educators who are already teaching in a particular subject area or grade level. The program consists of a series of professional development courses, workshops, and assessments that build knowledge and skills in areas such as curriculum design, assessment, classroom management, instructional strategies, and educational technology.

To enroll in the program, teachers need to hold a government-issued teaching license, a Baccalaureate degree, or be approved directly by the GEAC. The teacher certification program is open and free of charge for all individual members of the GEAC. Institutional members may enroll three teachers in the GEAC's teacher certification program and may purchase additional licenses as required. Upon completion of the program, teachers receive a GEAC-recognized teacher certification that demonstrates their advanced knowledge and skills in their subject area or grade level.

The GEAC's teacher certification program for practicing teachers also provides ongoing support and resources to help teachers maintain their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in education. This includes access to webinars, mentorship programs, coaching, and other resources that support continued learning and growth.

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