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Dr. Claudio Forcada

Accreditation Committee Chair


About Dr. Forcada

Dr. Forcada is based in London and regularly gives lectures and teacher training for string pedagogy and music education (as well as workshops for children) at universities, conservatoires and music schools across the world. Dr. Forcada has been involved in teaching at events in Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Austria, Scotland, Wales, and El Salvador (Institute of Education in London, Birmingham City University, Fundacion EDYTRA, Universidad Don Bosco in San Salvador, Alcala de Henares University in Madrid, ‘Escuela Superior de Musica de Catalunya’ and 'Liceo' in Barcelona, among others).

Since 2009, Dr. Forcada has been teaching string pedagogy, music education and research at the VIU (Valencian International University, Spain), where he has published two textbooks and filmed six documentaries on string pedagogy and music education, as well as a third handbook on research in collaboration with Dr. Andrea Giraldez. Dr. Forcada is presently the director of the VIU's masters program in instrumental pedagogy.


Dr. Forcada is also one of the key developers of, and the Content Director of, iMUSI, a revolutionary music-learning curriculum for various instruments which integrates both iMUSI books and an interactive online platform.

Dr. Forcada received his PhD in motor learning and violin pedagogy from the Birmingham City University. In 2012, Claudio was awarded with the Ernest Newman prize at the Birmingham City University for a lecture on Motor Learning and Violin Pedagogy.

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