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Preliminary Review

The preliminary review process is a crucial step in the accreditation process for educational institutions seeking accreditation with the Global Education Accrediting Commission (GEAC). This process involves a thorough review of the institution's accreditation application and supporting materials by a team of experienced evaluators to ensure that the institution meets the minimum standards for accreditation.

During the preliminary review process, the evaluators examine the institution's academic programs, governance structures, financial stability, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. They also assess the institution's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

The preliminary review process is important because it provides a rigorous assessment of the institution's readiness for accreditation. The preliminary review process also helps institutions identify any areas where they may need to improve before submitting their full accreditation application. This can save time and resources in the long run by addressing any issues early on in the process.

Overall, the preliminary review process is an essential component of the accreditation process, ensuring that the institutions accredited by the GEAC meet the highest standards of academic excellence, financial stability, and social responsibility.

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